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Global User Guide
작성일 : 2014-05-14
작성자 :
조회 : 267542
New to Cherrykoko (Guide for international customers)

1. Purchasing Method
- Add items to “Cart” > “Check Out” > Fill in shipping information form > “Payment”

2. Registration
Welcome! Ready to register with Cherrykoko?
It’s free and simple!

How to Register on Cherrykoko
To register, go to registration page by clicking.
1. Click the 'USA(flag)' section on the top left part of the page and
Click the 'member' on the top right part of the page.
2. Enter your information

Password Guide
* Password must consist of a combination of 6~16 lowercase letters,
Numbers and symbols without any spaces.
* Unusable symbols \ ' "

How do I change password?
If you forgot your password, please contact us by e-mail.
Cherrykoko will send your password information to you.
** Some of your personal information is required as below.
** Name, UserID and E-mail address
** Email us for finding your ID as well, if you can not remember.
Chinese service: / English service:

I want to close my Cherrykoko account.
We're sorry to hear that you want to close your account.
We hope that if there are any issues we can fix, you'll give us an opportunity to address them.
If you are having a problem with purchase, please contact us to help you.
Here is how to close your account :
1. Be sure that all transactions are complete and your account balance is zero
2. Click 'My page' and "Close My Account" button

3. Place an order
How to Order?
Check the item(s) from item description page first, then select the item(s) & quantity which you wish to buy or add in your cart. Before you buy or add in your cart, please make sure that item price, discount price and quantity are correct, and some of option items are required for additional price. You will be notified when you select the item from the select box.

Please note!
1. Price : Item Price
Price : 18000(Price) -> \ 17100(Discounted price) (It is an actual item price)

2. Delivery Fee
Worldwide shipping fee is automatically calculated when ordering item(s) by pre-inputted weight data.
* Korea domestic delivery fee : \ 2,500 (free for certain amount of money purchased over \ 50,000)
* Domestic Shipping : If you live in Korea check the box
* shipping fee needs to be paid in advance

3. Select Box
Browse the item description first, then select the option item(s) which you want to buy it.
* Sale items are not refundable. (The name of Products starts with the [SALE])
* Some products are excluded from grade discount
Please double check your 'Total Amount' before you order.

4. Check out
BUY IT NOW : This button lead you to payment page
CART : Your selected item(s) will be added to your 'Cart'
WISH LIST : This button lets you keep your wish items
* Please be reminded that you can save the cost of your Worldwide Shipping fee by using 'Cart' for multiple items.

From the cart Go to Domestic / Overseas cart,
1. Please check each of the item price, option, quantity, benefits and discount coupon.
2. If you order for worldwide, you can check estimated shipping weight and fee by selecting shipping country.
3. Please make sure that your total payment amount, discounted price, domestic delivery fee,
estimated worldwide shipping fee and benefits(such as Point, mileage & grade discount).
4. When you ready to order, please click on 'Check Out' button located at the bottom right of the
cart list.
It will lead you to payment page

I want to check my orders.
Go to 'Mypage>Order List' and check detail of your orders and trace your package.

I want to add items/modify orders.
Before you place an order or your order is sent to the recipient, you can modify your order (color, size, etc).
Once your order has been sent to the recipient and status is "shipping/Transaction Completed" cannot be modified.
Please e-mail us for your request.
* Chinese service: / English service:

How do I find items to buy?
* by category navigation tool
- Use the item category located on the left of Cherrykko page and select by categories of main.
* by searching
- enter 2-3 descriptive words or item code into the search field on Cherrykoko page,
and you will receive results from items that match those words.

How can I place an order to Korea?
Check on 'Domestic Shipping', if ship to address in Korea' in the shipping address page.

4. Payment Method

1. Foreign Credit Card (Issued out of Korea)
We accepts only VISA and Master issued by international credit card companies.

2. PayPal
Select PayPal as your payment method when you place an order.
Then it will direct you to PayPal site to make full payment at once.

3. Credit Card (Issued in Korea)
To complete an on-line payment using a credit card issued in Korea,
you will be required to enter Digital Certification password. (For more details, please visit the issuing bank.)

4. Bank Transfer
If you make a transfer to your personal Cherrykoko cyber account, you will receive confirmation within 1day.

5. Cash Balance
If you transfer funds to your personal Cherrykoko cyber account,
it will be deposited into your E-money Balance and you can use the balance as a payment method.

However, to use Credit Cards, you need to install a credit card 3D security service and the "LG U+ payment program".
** Download the security payment system from the credit card company’s homepage or issued bank’s homepage
** Download the LG U+ payment program (Click the first blue button as “마법사 실행하기(LGUplusXPayWizard.exe)”)
** If you are a Mac or Chrome user, you can't download LG U+ program. Please use Windows Explorer.

What are payment options internationally?
* Credit cards accepted : Only VISA and Master Cards that obtained 3D Secure service.
* Bank transfer
* PayPal
* Cash Balance: E-money Balance in your Cherrykoko account

Can I pay in cash (KRW)?
Open an account and deposit money for item purchased.
Account number ; 551-01211556-000-11
Swift code ; IBKOKRSE
Headquater's address ; 50, EULJIRO-2GA, JUNG-GU, SEOUL, KOREA

Notice for deposit money
If you pay by bank transfer, cyber account, or in cash,
make sure to deposit money within 7 days after placing an order (5 days for by Cash Balance)
or order will be cancelled and the mileage points you earned from purchase will be deducted.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is a faster and safer way to send and receive payments online without sharing your financial information.
With PayPal, you can Shop and pay online at Cherrykoko page (requires registration from in advance).

I want to pay with PayPal.
Cherrykoko can have international buyers pay for items using PayPal.
With a PayPal Premier or Business account.

To pay with PayPal, sign up first
Check the amount into US dollars and KRW and select PayPal as an payment option on the payment page.

I got an error message when I try to pay
- Make sure your payment information is correct (card number, password, expiration date, and ID)
- Credit card and time out errors (systemic problem or off the limit)
→ Call the credit company to check errors. You cannot purchase if you max out the card.
Contact us if this error continues with capture error screen-shot and your ID.

I can not pay with my Foreign Credit card.
Check the type of Foreign Credit Card for registration and 3D secure code.

Check your 3D secure code.
Cherrykoko only accepts foreign credit card given the 3D secure code from the credit card cooperation.
For more questions, contact us.

I was restricted to buy items.
There could be two possible reasons that your account got blocked.
1. PayPal Dispute
Your account could be blocked due to PayPal dispute calculating, due to security reason.
Please check your PayPal dispute conditions.

2. Verification of payment method is delayed
We might check buyer’s payment methods. Card issuers outside of Korea could be asked to validate.
Thus we sometime ask you to ensure the payment was made by the authorized cardholder to manage fraud risks.
To complete the verification process, please check your e-mail account or contact us.
We may ask you to send the photo of identification card and credit card front side.
(Paypal user can send the photo of identification only.)
* Chinese service: / English service:

5. Worldwide Shipping

How much does it cost for worldwide shipping?
Your item will be measured by the following steps

1. Item is automatically calculated by pre-input weight data when placing an order.

2. Item gets delivered to the warehouse and measured the actual weight.
- paid shipping fee is the same as the actual one : the item will be sent immediately
- paid shipping fee greater than the actual one
: the difference will be transferred to Koko account (Cash Balance) and the item will be sent immediately
- paid shipping fee less than the actual one with the difference
: we will send you a mail to pay for the difference and we will send you the item when payment is done
Information of the Period/Fee of Delivery (

To where can I get worldwide shipping service?
We accpet orders from 61 counries, all around the world. :)

How do I combine worldwide ship?
Save shipping cost by worldwide combined shipping!
If you make purchases at different times, you can combine all together before delivery.
- as long as the recipient’s address is the same, combined shipping is available.
- the difference will be transferred to Koko account (Cash Balance)
- Limit weight is 30kg
Please note that the combined shipping in big box may have trouble getting through customs.

Notice for worldwide combined shipping
* To avoid wrong delivery, make sure the address information is correct.
* worldwide combined shipping can be used only once for each shopping cart.
* Place an order for worldwide combined shipping before the package has been shipped from Korea.
*The shipping cost may change according to the size and weight
* worldwide combined shipping is available while the order is still in progress.
* It is not available when the request is done, if the delivery team is done packaging
* It can be exceptional due to size or weight or on certain conditions.

How long does it take to get my item?
1. Korea Domestic Shipping
It depends on the item type, size, quantity, but most of items get deliverd within 2~5 business days.
2. Worldwide Shipping
It takes 5-10 business days. After all the items arrive at the warehouse to get packed
and complete payment for the actual worldwide shipping fee.

How can I track my items?
You can track your items on EMS web site (
If you have any problems or inquiry regarding worldwide shipping process,
you can contact to us providing follow information.
1. Cherrykoko user ID.
2. Order Number:
3. Tracking number:

Notice for customs (Worldwide Shopping)
Your items may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have shipped.
These charges are always the customer's responsibility.

* Cancel/Return/Exchange Policy
- If you received the item damaged or wrong item, we will pay off Cancel/Return/Exchange delivery shipping fee. However, Cancel/Return/Exchange without specific reasons costs overseas shipping cost, customs taxes and duties.
The item returning must be in the same condition you received in it.

* Customs, Duties, and Taxes
- Buyer (or recipient) is responsible for any incurred customs duties and/or taxes. The buyer must comply with all regulations of the destination country and any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the buyer.
We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country.
For more information regarding any duties and taxes, contact the local Department of Commerce.

* Shipping Date
- Domestic: 2-5 business days
- Overseas: 5-10 business days

My item hasn't arrived yet, what do I do?
Check 3 cases below.
1) The verification process may be pending or may have not gone through.
If the transaction was paid by cash, verify the amount paid.
2) The payment is verified, but there can be unexpected delay such as out of stock, flood of orders, holidays and etc.
In case of worldwide shipping, your package will be shipped after all items in the same shipment are arrived
at warehouse and repacked for worldwide shipping.
Thus, if shipping status is shown as shipping preparation and this status remains for a prolonged period of time,
you may cancel the item to receive the rest of items faster.
3) Maybe your overeseas shipping fee hasn't been paid yet.
After all the items delivered to the warehouse, we estimate the items’ weight altogether.
If you paid more than the actual shipping fee, the difference will be sent to your account(E-money Balance).

Why does it get delayed?
The following are possible reasons for a delay in shipping.
1. Payment verification has failed after verifying the payment,
check to see if the payment amount is correct and if the transaction status shows any pending transactions.
2. Delay in shipping by Cherrykoko there could be a delay in shipping if we have not yet verified the correct item.
If there are still problems for a prolonged period of time, please contact us directly.
Please make sure that there can be many reasons for delivery delay such as out of stock, flood of orders, holidays, etc.
3. Problems with the delivery service Although the item was shipped, there could be a problem with the delivery service.
Check the shipping status of your item again to see if there has been any change.
If a tracking number is available, track the package or check with the delivery service for more details.

Cherrykoko sent me a defective item/wrong item.
If you have taken a defective item or wrong item(ex. You have ordered a red shirt but a blue shirt has been delivered.), you need to contact us by email with attached photos as evidence.
The following photos are required :
1. Item's own package with all the items inside as it was first delivered
2. The tag of the each items and defective part
3. Domestic/EMS invoice sheet on the box which shows your name
After taking photos, please contact us via e-mail with photos attached as soon as possible.

My item arrived damaged. What do I do?
* In case item damaged during deliver process
→ If is found that the item is damaged by deliverer,

contact the delivery company directly.
* Problems with package or items
(package is too weak, seller has not correctly confirmed your/ the item’s information,
when there seems to be a defect in the unit before the item was shipped)
* Return or refund is not a result of Cherrykoko's error, in case
- the receipt confirmation (phone, address, name, etc) is incorrect or was not verified
- the packaging material missing after noticing defects or careless packaging upon delivery
- the item is found to be defective from use by the member

What is additional shipping fee ?
Worldwide shipping is pre-paid based on estimated weight when you place an order.
The actual worldwide shipping fee is measured on actual weight when all of items arrived at Cherrykoko warehouse.
If the actual weight is more than the estimated one, you need to pay additional shipping fee on Cherrykoko webpage with payment methods such as cash balance, credit card, and PayPal. If the actual weight is less than the estimated one, the rest of fee is automatically transfered to your e-money balance.

6. Cancel/Refunds/Returns
How do I cancel an order?
Please contact us by e-mail for demand.
Chinese service: / English service:

* Conditions for cancelling : only if the order status is
'waiting for payment', 'preparing for item' and 'Preparing for delivery'.

* If the order has been shipped, you cannot cancel but return it.
* Before proceeding return process, review our return guarantee for online purchases in advance.

How do I return or change an item?
- acceptable within 7 days after you have received items only
- You will be liable for the delivery cost
- Your credit point earned from purchasing the item will be deducted by 1 point.
- request for REFUND or CHANGE may NOT be ACCEPTABLE unless received wrong or defective items

Notice for refund by payment options
- PayPal : the money will be refunded to the same payment option
- Credit card : proceed Repayment process to get refund

* Any questions or requrests on re-payment process, please contact us via e-mail
Chinese service: / English service:

Notice for Change, Returns and Refunds
* You can cancel before the item is sent
(on the stage 'preparing for item' and 'Preparing for delivery')
- When the item is already sent, you may return and refund the item.
* Cancellation without any Cherrykoko's error :
- You will be charged for a return (round-trip shipping) fee.
- 1 credit point earned by purchase will be deducted.
- You can return it after getting staff ’s confirm reply.

How do I check refund status?
* Refund items purchased in cash
: the refund of order will be deposited in your E-money Balance within 3 or 4 business days.
* Refund items purchased by credit card
: contact the credit card company in 6~7 business days in detail.

7. Difference of E-money/Mileage/Point
What is E-money?
E-money is like cash in Cherrykoko.
We refund the money to your e-account when you should get a refund for difference of price or cancellation.
(Refund, compensation and shipping cost difference are deposited to E-money Balance.)
Please leave a message when you want to get a refund to credit card.

What is Mileage?
Mileage is a benefit of purchasing items. You can get Mileage when you buy in Cherrykoko.
You can exchange mileage into E-money Balance if there are more than 10,000 miles.
Make sure that you can’t purchase items or pay shipping fee by the mileage itself.

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