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[ English ] Beautiful guest as bride Contest Application Methods
Date : 2013-09-27
Name :
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Ahchoo~~! I heard churchyard cough from various quarters these days.. Are you guys okay ? Please be careful not to catch a cold. Suddenly, we’re just wondering about nowadays wedding guest fashion of koko customers. Being beautiful at place of celebration, but it couldn’t be stood out.
How about you? Could you tell me your own wedding fashion know-how.
How did you wear to be beautiful ? Please tell me an episode at Wedding.

* Beautiful guest as bride Contest Application Methods * Essential Particulars 1. Your photos of wearing Cherrykoko’s clothes at Wedding. 2. Cloth’s code&name, wearing feeling, Friends response etc * Application for Contest * 1st Beautiful guest as bride ( 1 person ) : 100,000 mileage 2nd Beautiful guest as bride ( 5 persons ) : 20,000 mileage 3rd Beautiful guest as bride ( 10 person ) : 10,000 mileage *What is‘Beautiful guest as bride’?*
On wedding day, The wedding guest who dressed up as bride, but wearing in a civil way. * This event for all Koko customers (Domestic/International)* Period of an Event : 9/27(WED) ~ 10/20(SUN) Announcement of Winner : 10/24(THU)

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